Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms result from the sudden discontinuation of drugs or objects that have formed a physical dependence within the user.  These symptoms are both physical and psychological.  The most common withdrawal symptoms experienced by abrupt quitters include but are not limited to: vomiting, insomnia, sweating, muscle pain, anxiety, etc.

Bear in mind that withdrawal symptoms are only experienced by regular and heavy users of alcohol, drugs, etc.  Professional help is needed to treat withdrawal symptoms as they can be extremely painful and uncomfortable at the same time.  It is advisable for users to go through alcohol and drug rehabilitation to recover from the said symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms may vary from one user to another because those would depend on the drug type that was abused, the amount of drug intake regularly, etc.   The severity as well as the period of time the user will experience withdrawal symptoms would depend on the factors mentioned.  For example, a heroin user would experience a less severe discontinuation symptom as well as a shorter one as compared to a methadone user.

There are withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced from all types of alcohol or drug use.  There are some symptoms that are only found with the use of certain drugs but the withdrawal symptoms mentioned below would be the general symptoms that result from substance/drug abuse:

Weight loss

Users tend to lose weight because their bodies crave for the drugs or the alcohol more than they crave for food.  This would result to a drop in the body weight which explains why drug addicts are extremely and unhealthily thin.


People who are drug dependent are more often than not paranoid.  Bear in mind though that paranoia may occur more with the use of certain drugs.   Addictive drugs work in a way that the user’s mental functions are impaired.  This causes the user to believe that there is always somebody out there who would like to cause them harm.  Paranoia normally results to crimes committed by drug addicts.

Preoccupied Minds

People who abuse drug use are focused in having more drugs.  That is why a lot would do anything just to be able to get their hands on drugs such as stealing, robbery, lying, as well as exhibiting violence.

Because of the said withdrawal symptoms, the user’s family, friends, relationships and activities at school or at work definitely is put to the test and is more often than not wasted.  Users undergoing withdrawal symptoms should be brought to the care of professionals.

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