Virus Symptoms

Out of all the virus symptoms out there, colds are the most common in terms of occurrences.  The common cold can also be called as a viral upper respiratory tract infection.  Its virus symptoms are definitely contagious and are said to be caused by varied types of viruses.  This is the reason why human bodies have not been able to develop any resistance, thus, colds bring about virus symptoms that are recurring.

Virus symptoms that are normally experienced from the common cold are the following: sore throat, cough, nasal stuffiness, fever, etc.  Patients with colds may also have body aches and feel extremely tired.  These symptoms may last up to ten days.

The virus symptoms of the common cold may spread by just a hand to hand contact with an affected patient.  The common cold virus also has the characteristic of being able to live for hours coffee cups, books, and other objects, thus making it easier to contract a cold.

Some people believe that the common cold virus symptoms may be cured by antibiotics.  The truth is that antibiotics do not have any effect at all as they only cure ailments that result from bacteria.  Colds on the other hand stem from viruses.  Worse, the antibiotics may even worsen the virus symptoms and that could result to life threatening allergic reactions.  The only time one can use antibiotics is when the virus symptoms from the common cold are infected with bacteria.

If you would want to have a greater chance of not being infected with the common cold’s virus symptoms, resort to hand washing especially before meals.  Studies show that regular hand washing may help in preventing widespread colds.

Vitamin C may also help decrease the duration of the virus symptoms caused by the common cold.  However, there has not been any medical evidence to prove this claim.  Popular treatments that help relieve the virus symptoms of a cold include decongestants, antihistamines, nasal sprays, etc.  Over the counter nasal sprays however is not recommended for use for over three days as they will only make the nose stuffier.

Muscle pain, one of the virus symptoms of a common cold may also be treated through the intake of ibuprofens and acetaminophen.

People with illnesses such as heart disease, prostrate trouble, and other health problems should first consult a physician before using the said treatments.

Getting rid of virus symptoms that come from the common cold may also be sped up through drinking lots of fluids—this does not pertain to water only, but also to juices and drinks that are rich in vitamin C.

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