Thyroid Cancer Symptoms

The common, early thyroid cancer symptom is the formation of a lump on the thymus gland located in the neck. Cancer typically forms as one or multiple small growths (nodules) in the gland.

However, not all thyroid nodules are cancerous. A growth is more likely to be cancerous if it is firm, growing in size, and is alone (if there is only one growth in the thyroid).

A thyroid tumor symptom will depend on the type of cancer present.

The thyroid contains many cell types and developing cancer in any one of them results in differing progression and prognosis. Papillary cancer is the most common type (~ 65% of all thyroid cancers) and is more common in women than in men.

Other thyroid cancer types are follicular, anaplastic, and medullary. Medullary thyroid cancer is unique in that it may result in the production of hormones and may cause odd symptoms.

Thyroid tumor symptoms:

  • painless lump in the neck in the area of the thyroid

Diagnosis is typically by blood testing and tissue biopsy.

Treatment is generally surgical removal of the gland and local lymph nodes if the cancer has spread.

Prognosis will depend on the type of thyroid cancer. Medullary thyroid cancer has the worst prognosis of the thyroid cancer types.

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