Period Symptoms

A period may be described as the process which makes a woman’s body ready for pregnancy.  It normally lasts from three to five days but that is of course different from one female to another.  Period symptoms may also be experienced which also varies for each woman.

The flow of menstruation may be light, heavy, or even medium.   There are also some women who have more period symptoms experienced as compared to other women.  The most common period symptoms would be tender breasts, cramps, moodiness, etc.

Period symptoms may also be experienced even before the menstrual cycle and the said condition is known as PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome.  Period symptoms that are experienced during the cycle with cramping and a heavy flow of blood on the other hand, may be called Dysmenorrhea.  The absence of menstruation, however, may also be experienced and it is called Amenorrhea.

Though Dysmenorrhoea and PMS may seem similar, one must remember that aside from occurring before the start of menstruation, PMS may have period symptoms that include bloating in the abdomen and breast tenderness; Dysmenorrhea however is characterized by the presence of pain in the lower abdomen and menstrual cramps.

Studies show that the most common form of period symptoms would be cramping or Dysmenorrhea.  One way to relieve cramps would be taking a medication such as Ibuprofen which works by relieving the pain.  Using a heating pad by placing it over the affected area may also help get rid of the pain.

Another way to relieve period symptoms would be to exercise in order to improve blood circulation.  Deep breathing exercises may also be a good idea as well as relaxation exercises.

If you want to decrease the chances of experiencing period symptoms, you may also have a regular diet enriched with calcium and omega 3 fatty acids such as those found in fish.

If you want to have less Premenstrual Syndrome period symptoms however, experts suggest that you refrain from the intake of any beverage with caffeine such as tea, coffee, etc.  This is because of caffeine’s ability to stimulate people which may lead to a heightened state of tension and irritability—conditions that are said to accompany PMS.

Desiring to get rid or decrease the chance of experiencing period symptoms is common in most women.  Applying the tips mentioned may not actually hurt you.  Who knows, you may find out that the cramps, irritability, etc. have become lesser because you have tried the tips.

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