Medical Symptoms

Visiting your physician for a consultation on a new health issue is not that easy. As a patient, it is your responsibility to make the doctor understand fully what your medical symptoms are. Giving the correct information is important as that will help your physician determine the correct ailment that causes those medical symptoms. The medical interview usually lasts for 10 minutes or less; below are some steps on how you can maximize that time and be able to give your doctor the needed information:

1. You may create your own patient profile and bring it with you during the interview. The profile just needs to contain information about your medical history. It will be great if you will be able to include the dates of treatments/hospitalizations, the reasons, as well as any instances of surgery. Creating a list of all the medical symptoms you have experienced especially on a regular basis will be a great help.

2. Inform the physician of the reasons why you came for a visit in just a few sentences. Tell your physician of the usual medical symptoms you are experiencing. Symptoms such as headaches, vomiting, constipation, etc. are normally the most common things that bring patients to the doctor.

3. Inform your doctor about the timeline and the frequency of your medical symptoms. For example, mention that you feel nauseous and vomit three times a day for the past three days. It is also advisable to give your doctor the dates as well as the exact times you have experienced the medical symptoms.

4. Think of the right adjectives that would describe your symptoms completely. Pain is not the same for every person. Tell your physician whether the pain is sharp, felt deep within the body, etc. Make sure to describe what makes those medical symptoms different from what you have felt in the past.

5. Inform the physician of the body part(s) where the medical symptoms were felt. If the pain moves from one part to another, tell your doctor too.

6. Determining the severity of your symptoms from a scale of one to ten is also recommended. Use one as the lowest and ten as the highest rating. Make sure that you are honest and never tell information that is incomplete or exaggerated.

Being able to describe your medical symptoms correctly and completely will help ensure that your physician is able to give out the correct diagnosis and give you the proper treatment to alleviate those symptoms.