Injury & Fracture Symptoms

Injury and fracture symptoms are of course very widely variable depending on the type and location of injury or fracture.

Injury is a generalized term for damage or trauma to some region(s) of the body. They differ in location, type, severity, cause, treatment, and prognosis.

The term fracture commonly refers to the break of a bone of the body. Typically not only the bone is damaged during the break but surrounding tissue, nerves, and blood vessels are damaged as well.

The general symptom of a fracture is pain in the local area. Swelling and bruising often occurs along with some degree of loss of function.

There are more than a dozen different classifications and descriptions for fractures. They are used to describe the manner in which the fracture occurred and the state of surrounding tissues.

Diagnosis of fractures is typically with imaging techniques such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRI.

Treatment requires resetting of the bone structures to their original anatomic position (if displaced). Often the fracture needs to be stabilized and immobilized.

Pain relief, and alleviation of symptoms are commonly achieved with general pain relievers and decrease in use of the affected region. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy methods are sometimes needed to fully regain use of the region once healed.

Different injury and fracture symptoms/trauma are covered below where more specific symptoms can be addressed.

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