High Cholesterol Symptoms

High Cholesterol Symptoms. Cholesterols are naturally produced in the body.  They are the fatlike materials found all over the body such as in the brain, in your skin, liver, everywhere.  Through the cholesterols inside your body, certain hormones are produced, for instance, Vitamin D and the bile acids in your liver, which help in digesting fats.  Only a small amount of cholesterol is needed to perform these activities, thus, if there is an excess production of cholesterol in your bloodstream, they will be deposited on the arterial walls, most dangerously in the coronary arteries.  If this occurs it will possibly lead to heart disease, as the nutrients and oxygen to be supplied to the heart will be blocked by the cholesterols deposited.

A variety of drugs and different diseases could lead to high cholesterol in the body.  Otherwise it could be inherited or caused by an unhealthy, high-fat diet, amongst many other potential causes.

This disease condition is relatively silent since there are no single, obvious high cholesterol symptomsHigh cholesterol symptoms will not be present since high cholesterol is usually diagnosed during routine screenings or examinations only.  That is why, prevention and avoidance of high-risk activity for the development of high cholesterol should be utilized. Routine checkups and testing are necessary. Have yourself regularly checked and monitored by your most trusted doctor or physician , most especially when you have a family history for such disease.  Genetics is one uncontrollable risk factor together with your age, for you to obtain high cholesterol levels leading to heart disease.

So, you should always take care of yourself as much as possible.  High cholesterol symptoms typically only present themselves as a later stage heart disease. You should get used to eating a proper, balanced diet, hish in fibre – that means you should eat the right foods in their respectable amounts.  You should allow yourself too to have daily regular exercises. Diet and exercise help counter the risk of having high cholesterol, hence, reducing the risk of developing fatal heart disease.

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