Health Symptoms

Some people just brush off the health symptoms they are experiencing. In fact, the only time they decide to go to the doctor for consultation is if the health symptoms have become truly serious. The pain or symptoms that we feel actually signal to us that it is time for a visit to the hospital. Ignoring health symptoms may eventually lead to a more serious ailment or worse, can be fatal. Below are the health symptoms that people should never ignore because they actually “mean business”:

1. A fever that is “low grade” but is constant or consistent may mean different illnesses such as Hodgkin’s disease. If you have a constant low fever that lasts for about a week, it means that it is time to consult your doctor. Being diagnosed early with what actually causes the fever may help prevent those life threatening ailments.

2. Any brief instances of problems with vision or speech should not be ignored. Those lapses may be Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) which is a condition wherein the blood is not able to reach a certain part of the brain. TIA is normally observed to occur before a stroke or a heart attack. Other health symptoms like numbness, a tingling feeling, dizziness, etc. should also be discussed immediately with a physician.

3. A persistent cough is usually a sign of a person’s airways being blocked. Asthma, heart disease, etc. may also be a result of this. If those frequent coughing spells last more than two weeks, then it is a must to see the physician.

4. Frequent itching should not be ignored too, especially if no skin rashes or any visible cause is present. This kind of persistent itching is one of the health symptoms of diabetes, blood disorders, and a few more diseases.

5. Any bruise on your body that may have no explanation at all may signal hepatitis, liver disease, leukemia, etc. especially if you have more than one bruise.

6. Problems with your vision e.g. blurry vision and pain in the eyes may signal the eye disease known as Glaucoma. That is why if you have the health symptoms mentioned, visit your eye specialist immediately.

Health symptoms may not be able to pinpoint exactly what sickness a person has. However, those health symptoms may prompt us that it is about time we head to the hospital, have a check up and find out the causes and what treatment is needed to cure them.

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