Conjunctivitis Eye Symptoms

Conjunctivitis, also known as Pink Eye is one of the most common eye ailments that may affect a lot of people.  The eye symptoms of conjunctivitis result from the inflammation of a part of the eye called the conjunctiva.  Pink eye may not have very serious eye symptoms but it still needs to be treated for the symptoms to go away.  It is an ailment that can be passed on just by coming into contact with the patient.

Conjunctivitis Eye Symptoms

The eye symptoms that come from having conjunctivitis are normally redness and itchiness of the eyes.  Teary eyes may also be one of the eye symptoms that people with pink eye experience.  There may also be a discharge of either green or yellow in color which may result in the eyelid sticking.

Eye symptoms are usually found in one eye although they may also transfer to the other eye, or worse, affect both eyes.

Conjunctivitis eye symptoms caused by a virus or a bacteria are considered contagious.  Pink eye that is allergic in nature on the other hand isn’t.  In fact, allergic pink eye may be alleviated just by simply rinsing the eyes out or removing the eye irritants.

People that have conjunctivitis eye symptoms are advised to stay home until cured.  This is because this kind of infection can spread just by touching anything that the patient has touched.  Sharing of objects such as blankets, towels, etc. with the infected person is also another way to contract the said eye symptoms.

Conjunctivitis Treatment

Physicians may give both prescribed medication and over the counter medicines for the treatment of pink eye.

For a bacterial conjunctivitis, an antibiotic is needed to get rid of eye symptoms and kill the bacteria.

Allergic Conjunctivitis on the other hand may be treated by the use of eye drops such as Patanol which is normally required to be dropped into the eyes twice per day.  Physicians may also prescribe medicines that contain antihistamines in order to get rid of the allergic conjunctivitis eye symptoms.  An example would be Similasan Allergy eye drops that may be bought over the counter at your local drugstores.

For Viral pink eye, there are also eye drops that were made to treat eye symptoms caused by viruses.  The said eye drops are also able to give relief to the patient.

As for the relief of discharge which is among the eye symptoms that pink eye brings about, the use of warm compresses is recommended.