Diverticulosis symptoms are not normally detectable. The common formation of diverticula (diverticulosis) after the age of 40 is not in itself a relatively dangerous condition. Diverticula are common bulging pocket […]

The typical diverticulitis symptoms are fever and pain in the lower left abdomen. It is the result of the infection and inflammation of diverticula in the large intestine. Diverticula are […]

Common, early Crohns disease symptoms (Crohn’s disease) are abdominal cramps and pains, weight loss, loss of appetite, fever, and chronic diarrhea. Crohn’s disease (regional enteritis, granulomatous ileitis, ileocolitis) is the […]

Colitis symptoms depend on the type of colitis that is present. Colitis disease types are ulcerative, collagenous, lymphocytic, and diversion colitis. Ulcerative colitis is the most common form of colitis […]

Common celiac disease symptoms are diarrhea, malnutrition, upset stomach and abnormal production of feces. It is typically diagnosed in childhood and less commonly later in adults. Celiac disease (gluten enteropathy, […]

Initial appendicitis symptoms may be misleading as pain may be felt in the upper abdomen or closer to the belly button. The appendix is located in the lower right of […]

Common, early acid reflux symptoms are frequent heartburn with a burning sensation behind the breastbone. More advanced symptoms become more complex and indicate extensive damage to the lining of the […]

Some diabetes insipidus symptoms mirror those of diabetes mellitus, a related disease. However, the cause and underlying mechanisms are entirely different. Problems with levels of the hormone, antidiuretic hormone, which […]

Juvenile diabetes symptoms and the cause of the disease itself mirror those of the adult form of the disease. The hormone insulin, produced by cells in the pancreas, regulates the […]

Type II diabetes symptoms are generally similar to the disease type 1 diabetes. Formerly referred to as non-insulin-dependent diabetes, the pancreas has not lost the ability to create insulin, the […]