Early pancreatic cancer symptoms depend on the region of the pancreas in which the cancer is located. The vast majority (95%) of pancreatic cancers are of one type, adenocarcinoma, and […]

Generally, an ovarian cancer symptom will only present itself in more advanced stages of the disease. This is a common trend amongst cancers and one of the reasons cancer fatality […]

The common, early mesothelioma symptoms are shortness of breath and chest pain. The lungs develop scar tissue and the lungs gradually lose elasticity. This makes breathing increasingly difficult. Asbestos fibers […]

A lymphoma symptom is somewhat dependent on the type of lymphoma present. Although there typically is a common symptom of enlargement of the lymph nodes, there are variations in other […]

Generally a lung cancer symptom will depend on the region affected, the cancer type, and its spread pattern in the tissue. This is a common trait for cancers and is […]

Liver cancer symptoms could depend on the origin and type of the cancer. There are common symptoms which typically are weight loss, abdominal discomfort, and a detectable mass in the […]

There are common leukemia symptoms even though there are 4 different main types of the cancer. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood, more specifically of two of the white […]

The common, early esophageal cancer symptom is difficulty in swallowing. If untreated this typically leads to difficulty in eating, and thus, weight loss. The cancer commonly spreads to other organs […]

For most individuals a colon cancer symptom does not exhibit itself until later advanced stages of the disease. Colon cancer tumors grow relatively slowly and may go undetected for a […]

Generally a cervical cancer symptom will only present itself in the more advanced stages of the disease. Unfortunately, earlier stages of cervical cancer rarely exhibit symptoms in the individual. Cervical […]